The People’s Portrait

Fiona Bruce follows Falklands War hero Simon Weston over three months, as he becomes the first person chosen by the public to be painted for the National Portrait Gallery.

The Art of Gothic

Andrew Graham-Dixon explores how a group of 19th-century architects and artists spurned the modern age and turned to Britain’s medieval past to create iconic works and buildings.

Britain And the Sea

EPISODE 1: ADEVENTURE AND EXPLORATION David Dimbleby sails the south west coast of England – along the coast of Devon … More

The Manor reborn

The Manor REBORN”  (2012)   THE MANOR REBORN (Factual/Obs – BBC 1)

Shakespeare in Italy

Shakespeare was in love with Italy. Following the trail of his imagination, Francesco da Mosto hosts this beautiful travelogue exploring … More


A 2012 BBC and Open University co-production, written and presented by Jeremy Paxman, charting the rise of the British Empire from … More

The 7 Ages of Britain

Written and hosted by British journalist David Dimbleby, “Seven Ages of Britain” traces 2,000 years of the country’s history through … More

The Normans

Conquest. Professor Robert Bartlett explores the impact of the Norman conquest of Britain and Ireland. Bartlett shows how William the … More

The Victorians

Jeremy Paxman continues his exploration of the Victorian world by entering the typical Victorian home, a haven of order, respectability … More


Beauty Historian and writer Dan Cruickshank celebrates architecture as a creative force as he explores the world’s greatest cities, buildings … More

Francesco’s Mediterranean Voyage (12 x 30”)

The series follows Venetian architect Francesco da Mosto as he follows the historical trading route from Venice through the Adriatic Sea, Corinth Canal, Aegean Sea and the Dardanelles to Istanbul.

How We Built Britain

Episode 1: The East: A New Dawn David Dimbleby journeys through Britain, and through 1,000 years of our history, to … More

The Impressionists

(3 episodes x 60”) “Three hour mini-series tells the intimate history of a most illustrious brotherhood of Impressionist artists – … More


The flamboyant Renaissance artist Raphael Santi stands accused of having the sexual mores of a Premiership footballer and the political … More


“One upon a time” How Art Made The World is a 2005 five-part BBC One documentary series, with each episode … More