Acknowledgment in David Dimbleby’s book “Keep Talking: A Broadcasting Life” 2022..

Andrea is one of the very best (I say ‘one of’ to avoid making enemies elsewhere!). Other people agree which is why it can be hard to get his time on a project. His genius lies in the fact that he is not just an editor, but a confident producer and director too – which I know because I’ve employed him as a director on several programmes. This means he is always thinking about the overall experience of a film – script, performance, cinematography and music. He is also a restless innovator, always pushing technology for new effects and new experiences. Whoever you are, my recommendation is the same: book him… if you can get him. – BBC Head of Arts – Jonty Claypole 2019

Andrea is the best living editor in the world (I am making enemies here now). He’s clever, constantly creative and has a perfect sense for what skips and works and make things click. He understands how people who are not inside the trade will respond to stories, pace, rhythm and connection. If anything is confusing and cluttered or self-referential he will make us get rid of it and figure out some other way to present it. – Simon Schama 2018

That each series was successful and led to the commissioning of the next tells volumes about Andreas skills as editor. He has a sharp eye and instinctive understanding of the use to which pictures can be put. He edits fast which for tv is invaluable. He is sensitive to the needs of director and presenter, often himself offering solutions to their problems . His industry is prodigious. He seemed never to sleep. The result was films universally acclaimed for their beauty and sensitivity , charm and sense of fun. And it is this sense of fun that really sets Andrea apart. He obviously loves his work and his sense of humour and charm enlivens the edit suite, soothes frazzled nerves and makes working with him always stimulating and enjoyable. A day with Andrea is a day to look forward to. – David Dimbleby 2014

‘Walking into Andrea’s cutting room is like entering a Florentine atelier. And on top of being highly skilled, he’s also great fun.’ – Jeremy Paxman 2016

“Andrea has a special love for cinema, a deep knowledge of film-making and a real understanding of the art of storytelling. He approaches documentaries as if they were great epic dramas, turning potentially ‘niche subjects’  into something close to real blockbusters for the masses: clear, engaging and always interesting.” – BBC Former Head of Arts – Exec/Producer Basil Comely 2016

In September 2019 Andrea created the Chiswick Oasis, a crowdfunded project, personally endorsed by celebrities like Emma Thompson, Claudia Winkleman, Ciaran Hinds and backed by the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, to tackle air pollution in schools and beyond. The project raised almost £100,000 in only 3 months.
“Andrea, your hard work, your sleepless nights, your dedication has made this possible. I’m inspired by your determination to bring about change”  – Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London