Oscars 2016

A short piece I edited for the Academy Awards 2016.

They Will Have To Kill Us First

Islamic extremists have banned music in Mali, but its world famous musicians wont give up without a fight. They Will Have To Kill Us First tells the story of Malis musicians, as they fight for their right to sing.


Rampling and Malcolm McDowell contribute to a behind-the-scenes look at director Mike Hodges ‘s movie “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead”. … More

A Portion of a Lady

A documentary starring Evita Clittorina, Destiny Angel and Juana La Cubana and directed by Marco Chiandetti

The Making of Dinotopia (several docs)

Evolution: The Making of ‘Dinotopia’ (2000) Director/Producer/Editor of TV Movie Documentary behind the scene docs of the multi-million million mini-series “Dinotopia” Dinotopia – Making of … More

Cold Fish

Alex is a television station intern and ambitious to further his career when he scoops an interview with the shock-video … More

The Wolf of Kromer

“The Wolf of Kromer“ — Feature Fil 1x 90’’ –  Sound Effects Editor. Narrated by Boy George