The Queen and us.

Remembering The Queen through the decades of her reign. 7 Episodes Available. I worked on the 1950s, bit of 60s and a … More

Days That Shook The BBC

A 3 part series in which David Dimbleby explores the BBC’s role in major moments of political and cultural change: … More

HBO Launch

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Web of Lies

“They call it the Highway of Tears. There’s all these stories of women missing and being murdered along this stretch … More

The Windors

The Windsors – Inside the Royal Dynasty. From the producers of “The Kennedys,” this new six-part CNN Original Series tells … More

The Romantic Revolution

Simon Schama’s The Romantic Revolution (3 x 60’) The Romantics’ century-long incendiary revolution in thought and creativity changed the way … More

Inside The Vatican

Filmed over the course of a year, during the fifth anniversary of Pope Francis’s pontificate, Inside The Vatican delivers unprecedented … More

Generation Activism

Young activists film themselves as they dedicate their lives to campaigning for their cause. 4 shorts for BBC3.   Series … More


A major new series telling the story of art from the dawn of human history to the present day, for … More