ICONS: The Story of the 20th Century

Major new global history series for BBC 2, telling the definitive story of the 20th Century through the people who made it.

From the individuals who came to define our concept of what a great leader is or were instrumental in the struggle for equality and civil rights to those whose inventions transformed the way we live or whose work came to enrich and influence the lives of billions, the series tells the story of a century of seismic change through the lives of the iconic figures who made it.

Each individual episode, presented by a well-known public figure will focus on a particular field – leaders, scientists, activists, artists, revolutionaries, inventors and entertainers – with the presenter identifying three particular icons of the 20th century. The historical figures will be chosen by a panel of experts according to their achievements and legacy. The presenters will tell the story of their icons, demonstrating how the world changed and how the lives and achievements of these people have a direct impact on our lives today.

At the end of each programme, the public will be asked to vote for their winner in that category. The series will finish with a live final where the presenters will champion the winner in their category and the overall winner, the ultimate icon of the 20th Century – will be chosen in a final vote.

The series will be accompanied by a rich and dynamic online and social media presence and will partner with museums, foundations and educational institutions across the country.

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