Generation Activism


Young activists film themselves as they dedicate their lives to campaigning for their cause.

4 shorts for BBC3.


Series 1:1 – Brexit With only weeks to go until Britain leaves the EU, a pro-Brexit and an anti-Brexit campaigner film their lives.

Steven is a passionate pro-Leave supporter who runs his own YouTube channel in support of Brexit. Madeleina campaigns against Brexit as her alter-ego ‘EU Supergirl’. Both are dedicated and passionate, but what does it take to fight their corner?

(8 minutes) 

Series 1: 2 – Climate Change – Robin is passionate about protecting the environment and has dedicated his life to fighting climate change. He films himself over the course of the summer as he goes on hunger strike to campaign against the proposed Heathrow expansion.

(6 minutes)

Series 1: 3 – Animal Rights – Phoebe and Bella are both animal rights campaigners. Phoebe campaigns against animal farming and Bella fights to protect endangered species. They film themselves over the course of the summer as they fight for their beliefs

(9 minutes)

Series 1: 4 – Transgender Rights – Fox and Owl define as non-binary and have dedicated their lives to campaigning for trans rights. They filmed a typical week in their lives, revealing the highs and the lows of life as a trans activist.

(7 minutes)



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